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Quick Facts:
Wallace Information Systems Enginnering (WISE), since 1997, is the consultancy of Kirby L. Wallace. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Products and Services:
Programming. Database development. Website design. Computer & Network support for the Windows platform.

Modus Operandi:
Simplicity of thought, plan, and execution. A tactical thinker who works well with strategic visionaries. If you can think it, I can make it happen.

Kirby L. Wallace
(918) 527-6861
kirby /at/
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

Also visit me at my blog,

To Use the Vernacular:
You come into the office one morning, and your computer won't print anything. So you call me. I come out and turn the printer on.

In the Professional Consulting world, we call that Business Consulting. If we suggest that you turn the printer on, then that's Management Consulting. ;-)

Serving private and public sector business and government entities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska and Ohio.
  • Web Design & Development
    Internet, Marketing, Corporate Intranet Development, and complex Web Applications with ASP/HTML, Javascript, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Ext JS, and other libraries and frameworks.

  • Programming & Architecture
    Visual Studio.NET with VB and C# CLR, MS SQL Server 2008, Stored Procedures, Web Service Endpoint Brokers, Database Mail, Transactional replication, Business Intelligence Studio, SSIS, SSRS, TSQL Scripting, Agent Job Scheduling.

    Java (J2SE) development with Netbeans IDE, including Java Desktop applications with Swing API, and database programming with JDBC SQL API. Servlet development for backend web services.

    Emphasis on Electronic Document Management and Document Imaging Systems, with Barcode Extraction and Recognition, and Full-Text OCR.

  • Computer & Network Support
    Server Buildout, RAID Array config, Windows Server 2003 Config, Router Programming and Config, Firewall Security, Gigabit Network Support, Active Directory, DHCP and DNS Admin.

  • Network Cabling & Wiring
    Cat5e cabling, drops, data recepts, behind wall and under floor runs, Building-to-Building runs, RJ45 terminators, underground and through conduit, custom cables.

  • Product Identification & Purchasing Recommendations
    Assistance in identifying correct equipment needed to accomplish your goals at minimum expense.

Formerly a business and management consultant for some of the nation's top Consultancies and Defense Contractors:

Private Sector: Big Six Accounting
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Coopers & Lybrand
  • Anderson Consulting
Public Sector & Defense Contracting
  • Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Electronic Data Systems (EDI)
  • Bell Aerospace/TEXTRON
Clients have included:
  • CITGO Petroleum
  • Clear Channel Television
  • Public Service Company
  • UtiliCorp United
  • Williams Companies
  • York International
  • Zink Companies
  • Koch Industries

  • State of Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics (OBN)
    • Tulsa County Sheriff's Department (TCSO)
  • Federal Government
    • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • The Cherokee Nation
HardWare Services:

I provide full-spectrum Business and Management Consulting to small and medium sized business and government agencies. And I act as a management consultant to small and medium sized companies who lack on-staff, full time Information Technology departments. Basically, those companies that have computers onsite, but not computer experts on staff. I work as your interim, or on-call IT Manager, for less than it would cost to have one on-staff full time.

I make recommendations related to product identification, hardware purchasing recommendations, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and repair, including servers, workstations, networking equipment (routers, switches) and I also install network cabling, drops, wall jacks, terminators and perform wire testing to ensure reliable connectivity.

Software Services:

My primary theatre is highly interactive, data-driven, web-based applications written in HTML with ASP Scripting (vbscript, javascript) and ASP.NET (VWD2008 with ASP.NET and currently using VB CLR) and Ajax Extentions, Sharepoint Portal (formerly FrontPage Server Extensions) hosted on Microsoft's IIS Internet Architecture, and utilizing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for data storage and retrieval. I also create Client Server Visual Basic applications (Visual Studio 6), as well as very complex database applications designed in Microsoft Access. Basically, if there's an ODBC driver for your data product, then I'm all over it.

I use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Database server almost exclusively for data backend, although I occasionally work with other databases (such as Oracle, btrieve and it's variants, MS Access, and MySQL).

Modus Operandi:

I come down pretty solidly on the proven reliability and dependability side of the isle. I am not an "early adopter" of most new technologies, prefering instead to work with and recommend what I know works from past experience. I do not believe in constantly upgrading for the mere sake of upgrading. I am solidly in favour of "Business Reuse" (ie, commonly refered to today as "re-purposing"). That means I am not in favour of buying new equipment when existing equipment is sufficient (and usually more than sufficient) for the task at hand. I believe in new technology only when it presents the opportunity to do something previously not possible, and only then when it is justified by cost and budgetary allowance.

In the Web Development arena, I work primarily and exclusively with server-side script, and minimal (in fact none at all wherever possible) client side script. If you want to know the source of 99% of website vulnerabilities and propagation of viruses, malware and spyware, it is client-side script. Most of my websites that I develop will work just fine in even the highest security environment. In fact, in many cases, you can completely disable all scripting, and my sites will continue to operate completely unaffected. That has the added benefit of supporting a wider range of web browser software, which in many cases differ significantly in their ability to properly interpret and execute client side script.

A Bit of History

Air Traffic Control for USAF NORAD. That's where I started. Nothing to do with computers. Except as a hobby. Panama City Florida! The Beach. Met and married my wife there. To this day, I still hear myself in a dream: "Lima Hotel Zero Six Flight turn right, the long way for separation, heading 330, descend and maintain flight level two-five-zero, squawk four-niner-niner seven, contact SEALORD one niner four decimal zero - Kilo Whiskey.... SEALORD, OAKGROVE, 905 Line Radar handoff..." I must have said that 10,000 times in four years! ;-)

No, that's not me in the pic. This controller is a civilian. He's working Japan Airlines Flight 1911 (amongst many others, I'm sure). I worked military aircraft. A lot of them!

Don't let the glamour fool you. Notice there are no windows? AWACs duty was the most boring part of the job. Exact same job as on the ground, but no beach! And hanging in a steep banking turn continuously for 12 hours? Ow!

After the Air Force, I switched over to the Navy as a civilian contractor, working for Computer Sciences Corp./Bell Aerospace-TEXTRON. As the sole software development and technical support person, the engineering team I worked on designed and built the first nine LCAC's for the Navy. They are impressive machines to watch when they go "on curtain" (ie, inflate and levitate). Wanna hear it crank up? Turn up your speakers and click here.

After deciding to get out of the Defense Industry, we moved to Tulsa Oklahoma! I was hired by Deloitte & Touche as a Management Consultant. I wrote a total of 46 software applications, some one and a half million lines of database code. Mostly accounting and tax audit support, as you might have easily guessed. I've worked in just about every hi-rise building in Tulsa, and an awful lot of the low-rise ones. Deloitte is a "sweat shop job". There are two career tracks in a "Big Six" accounting firm. You are either there to get it on your resume, or you are there for the long haul... ie, Partner. I was just there to get it on my resume. But I loved every minute of it.

One of my Deloitte & Touche clients was Public Service Company of Oklahoma. They lured me away with an offer I coudn't refuse. At PSO, I wrote mostly engineering support applications (dissolved gas in oil, PCB, monitoring, Arc Control Testing, Line Safety Montoring, etc). About 80 of them, including the accounting and finance programs I wrote. I wrote parts of the "power billing" application, which was PSO's "custom" billing application for their top 1% customers. It was responsible for printing custom power bills for appx:


And, if you've ever gone out and dug a hole in your back yard, you probably know about "Okie One Call". Every call to PSO in the state of Oklahoma concerning buried cables went through an application I wrote there.

From the mid 90's until just before 9/11/2001, I worked as an Intelligence Analyst at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics. That was interesting, to say the least. And also depressing. When I swore in, my AIC shook my hand, and actually said, "Welcome to the Establishment." I developed (amongst a number of other things) a program called OSTAR. Every single prescription written and filled in the state of Oklahoma is processed through a SQL Server database application I wrote. That's many millions of prescriptions processed and stored, and used for trend analysis and "other purposes". Just before 9/11, I decided to take my software development skills back to the private sector.

After that, I worked at GemStar/TV-Guide. I have to say that this is the job I have least liked in my entire career. I was the webmaster and developer for about a half dozen of TV-Guide's corporate eCommerce websites, including Preview Networks, and several others. It was the "others" that I disliked. Specifically, the content. I left TV-Guide to work for Clear Channel Television, coming up next.

2002 Marked the beginning of a very long term relationship with Clear Channel Television. In fact, I had been doing consulting work for them dating back to 1997, but in 2002 we began in earnest to develop a series of SQL Server and Web applications that would be central to cost accounting, Studio Contract Management, traffic (ie, advertising scheduling), playlist scheduling, and Station Automation, and complete digital transition and centralised MCP (Master Control) and direct-to-air streaming digital media control for 56 television stations, simultaneously, even including the creation and rollout of a digital broadband internet ISP startup using the digital broadcast stream to encapsulate IP traffic for delivery over the air to subscribers.

Training Week for one of the Contract Management modules. From back to Front: Moi! Margot: Programming Director, KVOS, Bellingham, WA. Dan: Programming Director, WOAI, San Antonio, TX. Gretchen: Programming Director, KLRT, Little Rock AR.

For nearly the next three years, this was where the magic happened. A non-descript office in a strip mall adjacent to KOKI Fox23 Studios in Tulsa OK.

I had the entire place to myself. For three years! It was convenient to the TV Studio, though.

Converting WKRC in Cincinnati from Analog to Digital TV broadcasting. (Yes..., the TV show "WKRP in Cincinnati" was a "play on words" refering to the very real wkr"C" in Cincinnati!)

Writing the User Interface to the Digital TV Signal Downlink software for the Broadband, MPEG-Encoded IP stream antenna receivers...

Working in the server room where the Credit Card Processing was handled.

Installing Satelite UpLink/DownLink sat dishes on rooftops in 105 degree temps in southwest Texas! Ouch!

The beginnings of the digital media room where our 64 terabyte media servers were located. These servers fed live-to-air MPEG streams of television episode content to 56 television stations in 14 states.

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