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Kirby L. Wallace
(918) 527-6861
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Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Top Five Services

These are the top five call-outs I usually answer, in about the usual order of prevalence:

1. Website/Intranet Development
2. Access Database Performance Tuning
3. Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal
4. Computer & Network Support & Repair
5. Product/Purchasing Recommendations

1. Website/Intranet Development

Build YOUR website on the internet...

Since about 2001, almost all software application development has been pushed to web browser based applications. The reasons are many (and valid).

No "rollout" or "distribution" problems. This was a top concern and major headache with Client/Server based solutions. In that scenario, applications are built and distributed "piece meal" - little bits scattered here and there and everywhere. If any one of them was missing or outdated, it could have major ramifications for the entire system.

Intranet applications (or even Internet Applications, if you intend to make them available to the public in the web), neatly fix this problem by centralising the application on just one (or a very few) servers, and making the application available to anyone who has Internet Explorer (or another browser) software installed.

This subject is covered in great detail on another page. Click the "Web Designs" button on the menu bar at the top. Or click

2. Access Database Development & Performance Tuning

Speed up your Slow Database Applications...

Because Access Database is included in every copy of Microsoft Office Professional, there are a great many companies that have these small to medium sized Access database applications that they have developed in-house, by you or an employee. Solutions so developed usually run great at first, but tend to slow down as more work is put upon them. Most often, this is due to the MS Jet database technology that lies behind the Microsoft Access database engine.

Access is very good for small applications that have 5 or fewer users. But once you exceed that, things start to slow down quite a bit. This can be remedied by replacing the default Access database engine with linked SQL Server tables. Doing this can result in a fantastic performance boost.

Also, many people start out enthusiasticly with the built in "wizards", but quickly find that the wizard can take you only so far - and then you are stuck.

I am expert in all areas of MS Access development: tables, queries, forms, reports and especially modules. You will never really unlock the real power of MS Access until you have mastered the art of programming the database with Visual Basic. That's a long, hard row to hoe. Fortunately, I've already "hoed it."

This subject is covered in great detail on another page. Click the "Database" button on the menu bar at the top. Or click

3. Virus and Spyware Removal

Get your sick computer on it's feet again...

This one, by far, has become the most common call that I get.

Over the past several years, the Internet has become literally overrun with people who seem to think it's funny to steal your computer's resources to use for their own purposes. It is becoming increasingly difficult to use the internet at all without picking up a virus, or downloading a trojan, or having someone attempt to steal your financial data or put pornography in your face.

And especially in just the past few years, the sophistication of these "malwares" has increased on order of magnitude. I'm beginning to run into some really, really difficult ones to remove. Many of these viruses, in addition to the virus itself, are coming with a "sleeper" program that does nothing but watch the virus program and restart it if you kill it. Some of the more clever ones will even attempt to stop your attempts to find and defeat the sleeper.

The fault here lies with a very few, real hackers, and with a very large number of "wannabes" who know nothing more than how to take someone else's hacker program and use it themselves. These have picked up the name "script kiddies" - a moniker I don't particularly like. I prefer to call them twits.

Many people like to pick on Internet Explorer, blaming it, as though it were somehow a security risk. The truth is that Internet Explorer is subjected to more hacks for no other reason than that Internet Explorer accounts for more than 90% of the browser market. If you throw a dart into a dark room filled with a thousand balloons, something's likely to go "Bang!" On the other hand are all the other browsers that, combined, account for only 10% or so of the market, then that's like throwing a dart into a dark gymnasium that has just one balloon somewhere in it. Much less likely to hit it's target.

I sometimes take it for granted that I work on computers and on the internet without ever having a major problem. Granted, I take extraordinary precautions, and, frankly, I do not use the internet for the sorts of things that are likely to lead you into contact with a hacker or a twit. And when I do, I am careful to take the necessary precautions. I can teach you these precautions.

I can fix your virus/spyware problem, and I can also help you avoid running into them in the first place.

4. Computer Troubleshooting & Repair

Get your broken computer on it's feet again...

You've probably been here before. "It was fine when I turned it off yesterday. Then when I turned it on this morning... nothing!" When the light that is supposed to be green is now red... or when the whirr and hum has been replaced by silence... When you click the "print" button and, nothing... You know.

I can fix all common problems in your computer (and some uncommon ones also).

5. Product/Purchasing Recommendations

Help you determine what you really need...

Another common call for me is customers who want to know what they need to buy. Given what they need to accomplish, what do they really need to get that job done. I'm not talking just about computers. If you want to know something like:
  • What will it take to get safe backups?
  • What do I need to make this printer available to all six computers?
  • Who's server platform will meet my needs at the least cost?
  • Is this vendor's product more reliable than that vendor's?
  • Do I need a router or a hub?
  • Can I use a wireless network in this warehouse?
I can help you answer those questions, and more.

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