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Kirby L. Wallace
(918) 527-6861
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Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Active Server Pages

The internet is clearly a central part of the business world now. It used to be that a web page was optional. Now, it is almost a necessity.

I create websites and web applications. What's the difference, you ask? That's a good question.

This site (, for instance, is a website. It's content is static. It's a collection of pages. It's there to look at, but you don't interact with it much other than clicking on links that you want to visit. It's geared towards information distribution. If it were geared towards information collection it would be much closer to a web application. A Web Application is interactive. It asks you questions (or answers yours). It collects information and stores it, and brings it back up later when you ask for it.

A website displays information. A Web Application collects and processes information.

Data Driven, Intranet Applications

Corporate & Personal Websites

eCommerce & Retail Websites

Traditional (Client/Server)

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